Crazy Heights match-3 based free to play puzzle game released for iOS and Android

October 4, 2016


October 4, 2016 - Szolnok, Hungary - Alder Games, Ltd. is announcing the release of its new free-to-play puzzle game “Crazy Heights” for iOS and Android.


Crazy Heights is a Match-3 based puzzle game, placed in a crazy cartoon world where you have to save the city from not-so-evil villains by matching your way up floor by floor in different skyscrapers.


The Match-3 action takes place on a 5x5 board, where you can push entire rows from either side to make matches. This mechanic works really well on tablets and also on small mobile screens (your fingers won’t get in your way). Collect coins to hire employees, making your life easier on your journey to the rooftop. The game will be updated regularly, adding new locations, game modes, characters and soundtracks.



  • Unique Match-3 gameplay optimized for tablets and phones
  • A crazy cartoon world full of funny characters
  • Light-hearted, family-friendly casual appearance and gameplay with additional strategic depth for hardcore puzzle fans
  • 3 episodes with dozens of levels, 3 more coming later this year
  • Built-in online connectivity with customizable profiles and highscore tracking
  • The game is also playable offline


Download Crazy Heights:

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About Alder Games:

Alder Games, Ltd. is an independent developer of mobile and desktop casual and puzzle games. Since 2010, we’ve released several unique games, including the award winning physics puzzle “Atlantis: Pearls of the Deep” (Gamezebo: Best Match-3 Games of 2012).

In our games, our goal is to inject innovative ideas into already established formulas.

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Andras Albel


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