Magical Mysteries:
Path of the Sorceress

Enter a magical fantasy world of beautiful places and thrilling creatures! Use your Match 3 skills in a new way to search for enchanted scrolls, make useful potions and beat your mysterious enemies! Improve your spells and unravel the story of the Sorceress in Magical Mysteries, an innovative and fast-paced Puzzle game!


Magical Mysteries: Path of the Sorceress with its unique Match 3 gameplay, offers great balance between fast-paced battles and brain-teasing puzzles. The Hourglass and Survival minigames together with the unlockable very hard difficulty level are giving extra challenge for the best players.


Face your fears and start your journey!


  • Exciting and innovative Match 3 gameplay
  • Stunning visuals
  • 70 fantastic levels
  • 7 upgradeable spells
  • 10 frightful creatures with dangerous powers
  • Beat the highscores in 2 special challenges
  • Collect achievements
Magical Mysteries: Path of the Sorceress


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