Bee Garden: The Lost Queen
Time Management

Grow flowers, make honey and help the little bees to find their lost queen! Sounds easy, but the peaceful gardening quickly turns into a honey making madness: fight pests and weeds and don’t let your flowers dry out! Buy new flower containers, upgrade your hives, train your bees, make it rain or use pesticide when it’s necessary, but don’t stop filling the honey jars! Can you bring life to Bee Garden and make the queen return?

Bee Garden: The Lost Queen is a time management game with cute characters and innovative dynamic visuals. Complete 40 story levels in 4 breath-taking environments with day and night missions and special rush levels! Try your skills in 4 special challenges and beat the high scores! Be the best and collect all of the 8 trophies.


  • Breath-taking dynamic visuals with changing daytime and weather
  • Expandable gardens with upgradable hives and items
  • 8 beautiful flowers with various life cycles and special abilities
  • Diverse pests and weeds
  • 40 story missions and 4 special challenges
  • Specialized bees
  • Cute characters

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